Connect with Clix

!Clix and we are out

     Clix  is the perfect solution for connecting two carts 

Allows  to connect two carts in a very simple and fast way. If you have two strollers, you can connect them in a few seconds. 

:Clix V0.2 has several advantages in connecting two carts

  • Clix is designed to connect a wide variety of strollers from different companies, various designs, and *strollers that are not identical
  • .Clix connects easily and quickly to strollers, and can also be easily detached 
  • .The product is safe to use for anyone
  • .Clix can connect to Doona

* .Apart from Stokke and Mima strollers


Clix Pouch

.Especially suitable for connection with a baby carrier

. Everyone who uses a baby carrier attaches the Pouch Clix so that he will have easy access to a wallet, pacifier, .wipes and anything else 




No. Just make sure to use Clix according to instructions.

 The connection is flexible and dynamic. Allows mobility according to the movement of the carts, and does not function as a single piece.

It is not possible to pass with two carts connected in a narrow passage

Yes, the product is suitable for connecting different types of baby/toddler strollers.

A 12-month warranty, with attached invoice only.

yes, except for Stokke and Mima strollers.

No. You need to disconnect Clix from the strollers before using stairs of any kind.

My story

Nurit, mother of three children. After the third birth I wanted to go out with the two children and two strollers - a bath and a stroller. I was looking for the most convenient way to get out with the strollers I had at home. After planning and thinking about product design - Clix went on the world air. It was important to me to plan the small details and ensure that the product is high quality and safe that allows you to leave the house with two different / identical strollers.

When Talia was 5 months old, I went shopping with her at the supermarket. When we arrived I put it in a carrier, I did not want to mess with my bag either so I put the credit card in the back pocket of the jeans and the key of the car I stuffed in the other pocket. ! The key remains on the seat. The vehicle is locked. There is no way to return home..and there is no spare key. This "challenging" story made me realize that a bag must be attached to a baby carrier. It will be convenient to take even the things that are most needed and from the bag. I was thinking of a designed pouch that would dress nicely and comfortably on the baby carrier and I realized that this is a necessary product for anyone who has given birth.